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In numerous cases, these social platforms act as a broker that permits you to buy several assets, cryptocurrencies, ETFs and CFDs. The top program eToro is a trading platform for cryptocurrencies, stocks, assets and indices, traditional “fiat” currencies, and ETFs. Likewise, the strategy seeks to preserve capital when the risk/reward profile is unfavorable through an allocation to a diversified basket of fixed income ETFs. The objective of the COIN strategy is to opportunistically deploy risk capital to GBTC when the risk-return profile of bitcoin is favorable. Some examples of prominent cryptocurrencies that have undergone hard forks are the following: Bitcoin’s hard fork that resulted in Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum’s hard fork that resulted in Ethereum Classic. So when cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin took the world by storm, it was only natural that the investment world would want a piece. News Cycle. Because cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are still speculative, these assets are highly susceptible to the news cycle. In this sense, many scholars even questioned whether SMe might be considered a facilitator of market distortions (Ante, 2021; Chartier et al., 2021) and whether events like the above-mentioned ones might be considered as market manipulation (Allen et al., 2021; Burnette, 2021; La Morgia et al., 2021; Nizzoli et al., 2020). This thesis focuses on these two case studies using the recent findings of various scholars to ultimately ascertain the effects of SMe and its communities on both the crypto and the stock markets and whether SMe represent a possible tool for market manipulation. Content has been generated with the help of GSA Content Generator DEMO.

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According to Trade Alert, 2020 was a record year for the options market in terms of volume traded, with 7.47 billion contracts traded. So far, the main focus was on the consequences of statements and announcements of companies (Campbell et al., 2021) and their stakeholders (Gomez -Carrasco & Michelon, 2017) on SMe as well as on how high coverage (or buzz) on SMe is usually associated with higher volatility and trading volume per share (Jiao et al., 2020). However, the GME squeeze and the Dogecoin rally of 2021 have ultimately shown the massive influence and power of SMe (Reddit in the GME squeeze case and Twitter in the Dogecoin rally case) as a forum of discussion and their ability to involve and stimulate the investments of many casual retail investors. I will focus on Rare Pepes (2016-present) for my primary case study but will also survey other crypto art works to support my argument. Furthermore, these events demonstrated that the so-called pop- and meme-cultures’ waves have a significant impact on crypto and stock markets. In this bachelor’s degree thesis, we are going to analyze these two events in order to highlight the interconnection between SMe and both stock and crypto markets by presenting findings of previous studies and by making further investigation in light of these two recent cases.

In so doing, this paper contributes to better understand the effects of SMe on stock and crypto markets and to show the need of regulation concerning the interaction between these two only seemingly apart environments. Mostra/Nascondi contenuto. 4 Abstract 2021 has been so far a peculiar year for financial markets. Actually, it is important to remark that this investigation is carried under the US legal framework which still uses the Rule 10b-5 of SEC’s ’34 Act in order to detect and punish traditional market manipulations (Win, 2021). As we will see later in this thesis, such enactment fails to regulate and punish the so- called open market manipulation, which is defined as “a manipulative scheme where the alleged scheme is accomplished through the use of The manipulator has not engaged in any conduct that is inherently illegal, such as fictitious transactions, or false reporting. We’ll help you put together an order allocation that’s in line with your goals.

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It is a ground-breaking, unhackable, and secure exchange innovation for advanced resources that can help in enhancing distributed digital information and transactions, payment system, identity verification, with the help of different crypto-currencies. Looking at blockchain through the legacy of conceptual art also demonstrates the need for this technology and its capabilities, most notably, the built-in payment structure for artists. Crypto art facilitates an efficient form of economic value creation for both artists and collectors, enabled by the blockchain’s capacities around tracing provenance and authenticity as well as implementing mechanisms to ensure artists receive compensation at the point of sale and resale. Here’s our explainer for how you might responsibly think about crypto as part of your portfolio, in simple terms. Introduction Social media (SMe) have nowadays become part of our lives and our society and in recent years many studies have studied how these virtual spaces might or do influence the economic world at large. In particular, two important events made clear how social media (SMe) can effectively affect both crypto and stock markets: the short squeeze of GameStop (ticker: GME) in January and the Dogecoin cryptocurrency’s rally on the end of April/beginning of May. Article was generated with the help of GSA Content Generator DEMO.